Thursday, April 27, 2017


Wearing hijab since I was little, I am thankful to Allah SWT for making my hijab journey at ease. I know that there are many Muslim ladies out there who still find it hard to cover their hair (i.e. cover their awrah). Speaking of my experience, I started to cover my awrah PROPERLY back in 2012-2013. Even so, I am still not perfect. There was once or two that I did not wear my socks when I go out, but later I will force myself to wear it because I do feel that something is not right. I feel like my toes are ‘naked’, if you know what I mean.

I didn’t remember how, or what makes me wanna cover my awrah PROPERLY. However I do remember the times when I slowly gather my strength to wear a long-wide shawl. Yes, I started by wearing a long shawl first. From a S-sized, I am now wearing a L-sized shawl, or perhaps reaching XL now. Best part of all, I did it all ALONE. Nobody supported me, or encourage me to wear it.


While some ladies can pull off wearing Bawal, let me tell you straight that I am soooo into shawls since as long as I can remember. Trust me when I say that I do not have any Bawal collection in my closet. I was once stumbled upon a quote that saying 90% person of man like a girl wearing Bawal.

Is that so?
If so then I am happy for being that 10%
Most part of all, I am happier that my husband doesn’t care as long as I am wearing a covered hijab.


I may be the last person on earth to know this, but I am so in love with TudungPeople right now! I started by purchasing two shawls (printed one) when they are launching their new boutique at Bangi Sentral. When was that? I think back in 2015. That was during the Eid 2015 collection, hence they do not release this collection after that.

And guess what? I have been wearing those two shawls like crazy, to the extent that it feels like it is the only shawls that I have (when literally I have like plenty of shawls collection)

(image properties by I do not own this photo)

My earliest TP collection. Love it to death!

Back in the days when I used to make an OOTDs and selfies.

Last year I re-purchased a new shawl again from TudungPeople for my wedding reception. I was truly disappointed when the wedding planner provided me with a very short, small shawls. The first boutique that came across my mind at that time was TudungPeople. It didn’t take that long for me to choose since I knew their quality and top-notch workmanship. I chose Afreen in An Ice Berry (too bad they aren’t release this range anymore)

(image properties by I do not own this photo)

My wedding reception. 

After the wedding.
Definitely not a waste at all since I can wear it again for countless times!
Plus the colour is wearable too.

Recently I have been eyeing for Maysaa Satin Silk. I am very particular when it comes to the opacity of the shawls but Maysaa is a top-notch! My first Maysaa collection was in a Nude color and I love it so muchhh. I don’t have to worry about the opacity of this range regardless of what color it is. The best part of TudungPeople is they provide you with an M and L size. My choice would definitely have to be L!

I just love everything about TudungPeople. Simple, classic, and minimalists. Best part of all, it doesn't see-thru like any other brands out there. Affordable too. They do have other range such as Hawa, NLuxe, Safaa, Numa Chiffon, Arraynaa Diamat (omg I love this one) etc. I might as well someday go to their store and check out those materials again.

Question of the day:
Will I purchase their LE (Limited Edition) collection?
I’d love to but… not now.
My ASB account need my money more than just a piece of scarves lol.

To the ladies out there who are still not covering their awrah (YET), I pray to Allah SWT to make an ease of your journey. Everybody has their own struggle. This might not be my struggle, but I do have my own too. My advice may as cliche as it sounds, but please do it for the sake of Allah SWT. I cannot stress to you how 'comfortable' and 'protected' I am, despite I am fully 'covered'.

Living in a Muslim country like Malaysia, I think most people take for granted by not realizing how blessed we actually are, to wear our hijab in freedom. I've read many stories about our sisters out there whom find it a struggle to wear their hijab, which is not supposed to happen.

It's the effort that counts, Allah sees your effort.
And that's all matters.