Tuesday, April 11, 2017


You know what is the greatest love of all after Allah SWT and Prophet Rasulullah SAW (May peace be upon him)?


I am aware that not all are blessed with a complete family. Some loss their parents at a very young age, whilst some parents are divorced and never met their kids since then. As for my family, we are definitely not perfect. We have flaws but nevertheless, we are thankful. We are not happy all the time, yet we count our blessing instead. For that I thank you, ALLAH…

We started with a group of five. Last year alone, we are fortunate to have two new additions in the family; my husband and soon-to-be BIL. I am delighted to see all of them are getting well together. We are small, but we are definitely happy together. Alhamdulillah.

Due to that, leaving is hard.

My husband and I is leaving the house that we were currently stayed in. While most people will ask why, I have to clarify that there is nothing wrong between us and them. I was more than happy to stay with my family. Trust me when I say that I didn’t see this coming, but I take it as the time has come.

I knew that I was gonna cry. So did my mum. I just couldn’t help my tears from falling as I leave my room. The room that I literally spent most of my time, from the time I was still in school, uni days, and now I am married. Lots of memories indeed. But I guess that’s part of life; you have to get out from the comfort zone and taste the bittersweet experience of responsibility and commitment.

I gotta be honest the feeling is just the same as when I was in my uni days; where I used to have a homesick kind of syndrome. I graduated in 2014, and since then I stayed with my family while most of my friends were renting and stay together with their friends. Even when they are married, they aren’t as awkward as I am since they are already used to living apart from their family. I guess this month and the next few months is going to be adapting myself to a new environment.

It feels good, yet it takes courage and patience.

It ain’t easy, but we believe that we are gonna get through this together inshaa Allah.

It is true when they say that the first few years of marriage is going to be adapting and ‘getting to know about each other’ kind of stage. There are many things that my husband and I do not know about each other; YET. Now that we are staying together (just the two of us), I guess the true colour will reveal anytime soon. Okay not to sound creepy or anything, but you get my point. My husband can be a very particular guy, while I can be a bit clumsy at times. Doesn’t it sound like we are perfectly matched?


Noticing all in RED? As requested by me lol.
Our last day before we‘re off to our new home. Cried after the dins, as expected. Sorry for being over dramatic. T______T

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