Friday, September 25, 2015

25 RANDOM FACTS ABOUT ME (not that people care lol)

Hello everyone!
Assalamualaikum WBT.

It's been 3.26am now and I am still super wide awake! Blaming myself for sleeping during evening tho T__T With that said I thought hey, why not if I blog for awhile. It doesn't take much effort, no?

Okay, let's get into it!

(Why 25? Simply because I'm 25 this year so yeah, 25 it is!)

  1. I don't wear tudung bawal since on my 3rd, or maybe 4th semester since in diploma years? Yeah, i don't have any in my closet now. I have always thought that I look weird wearing them now. I still remember that i tried to wear it out when I was in degree and one of my classmate said "you look like makcik with that bawal", some even came up to me and said "farha, omg is it really you?! i almost didn't recognize you! you look...erm.. (okay pause it right there)". Since then, i never have guts to wear bawal again. I don't know if i'm gonna wear it again. 
  2. I'm the type of person who would always go for KFC instead of McDonalds. My brother even once said to me that he cannot eat the chicken alone without any rice. Trust me, i won't get bored with KFC.
  3. I wear contact lens since I was 16. My dad was the one who suggested to me since I don't like wearing glasses to class (please know that glasses during that time was fugly and outdated). Now I don't mind wearing glasses outside of my house, especially if my eyes get so tired and itchy)
  4. I was a Diploma in Business Studies' student for one semester before I changed my course to Accountancy. That was probably one of the life-changing decision that I have made, and I don't regret it because I have always believe that there is a reason for everything :)
  5. I love watching makeup tutorial on Youtube, unfortunately I don't know to how apply 'em on my face hahaha. I love seeing ladies with full face of makeup, they look absolutely pretty! But I feel that it would be a hassle to remove my makeup especially when I wanna make a wudhuk. You know that feeling when you are working, and you are super busy yet you still  need to make your daily prayers, there is no way that I have time to remove my makeup and re-apply it again. Too much work (for me, PLEASE NOTE THAT). 
  6. I started to love eating vegetable only when I was 18. Haha it's better late than never right? I thank my uni-mates for 'assist' me on training myself to eat veggie. Furthermore, the price for veggie was way cheaper compared to chicken or beef. So being a student, you know you have to jimat so yeah, that's how it was started.
  7. I'm having a hard time replying whatsapp text either from everybody. One day i can be so rajin i can reply immediately, and one day i can be so lazy that i will only reply them after 2-3 days, or even a week, or even not at all! Sorry guys!
  8. I went for my umrah twice. 2008, and 2013. Alhamdulillah, I'm forever blessed. Hopefully someday i get to do my umrah again/or maybe hajj with my future hubs. Ops? 
  9. Believe it or not, my weight was never hit 50kg and above! Don't freak out, i'm only 156cm height so my BMI is normal tho. 
  10. Speaking of no. 9, most of my friends are taller than me so I used to be the shortest among my friends. Funny enough, i will wear wedges or heels everytime i hang out with my tall friends so that we look pretty similar in terms of height haha. 
  11. I have undergone few operations/surgeries when I was younger. One of them was appendix. 
  12. I never had any boyfriend when I was in school, simply because nobody was interested in me lol #foreveralone
  13. My so called first love when I was 21, but it didn't last. It took 3 years to feel okay again. Sigh.
  14. I love English (eventho I know that I'm not good at it, but hey I'm forever in the process of learning okay?). And I simply love people who can speak in English fluently, and it's a TURN ON for me wiwi ;)
  15. I used to have a crush on chinese guy when I was in school ahaks. :p
  16. I don't like sushi. FULL STOP. 
  17. Okay this may sound weird, but I would forever choose Japanese Drama rather than Korean Drama. I love the fact that J-drama has its own originality storyline and based on real stories. 
  18. Malay drama? Yucks never be a big fans of it. Especially on so called 'relationship goals' type of drama. 
  19. Watching movie in cinema is not my forte. I don't know why but I just don't like the idea of watching a movie that do not interest me. I think that movie that I watched was Pitch Perfect 2.
  20. I was a prefect during my school days. Oh i miss wearing that blue kurung to school! It was a good experience to me.
  21. I am neither a morning or night person. I love waking up late (not often), yet at the same time I will sleep pretty early as well. So I guess as a conclusion, I love to sleep! lol.
  22. I don't like taking selfies. If you have been following my instagram or facebook, you will realize that i didn't post selfie, unless there is one of two photos with my friends. I would rather asking people to take photo for me
  23. I consider myself not having many male friends. I used to be so shy and quiet with them, somehow I have always feel that they think that I'm a weirdo haha.
  24. I love Taylor Swift! Omg can we take a moment to say how gorgeous she is? I've been a big fans of her since I first listen to 'Teardrops on My Guitar' and that was the beginning of everything! 
  25. Unmarried, and blessed.

So okay that's about it folks!
I think I should atleast try to sleep now.
Dear self, please sleep as it's gonna a long day tomorrow.
Or should I say today since it's already 3am-ish?

Okay whatever.
Bye guys!

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