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#IKAFARSYATRAVEL to Pulau Pinang, Malaysia #DAY 2 – (Roti Canai Jalan Argyll, P. Ramlee's House, Kek Lok Si Temple, Bukit Bendera, Penang War Museum, Nasi Kandar Line Clear)

Hello, Assalamualaikum!
I’ve been delaying this for a week now, so here's an update of Day 2!

We woke up pretty late on the 2nd day though, perhaps everybody was still lethargic so please mind us hehe. Our day should be started as early as 8am, but we went out around 10am instead hahaha!

Psst, don’t worry we didn’t skip our Subuh prayer okay? ;)
Prayer first.
Tapi lepas subuh terus tidur apa pun tak boleh lulz.


So we had our breakfast at Roti Canai Jalan Argyll to kick start our day. What is so special about their roti canai is the dal that comes together with chicken/beef curry of our choice. I’d suggest you to share instead because the serving is pretty big.

However, I'd have to say that their hygiene/cleanliness is pretty a thumbs-down. Perhaps this is due to many people are coming since early morning hence they do not have much time to clean it up. But still, the food is just nice. 


This is one of my favorite MUST-GO-TO in Penang. Either you are a big fan of P. Ramlee or not, I’d really recommend you to go here as this place tells you a lot about him. His songs were playing while there are many pictures of him hanging inside the house. I took the opportunity to go thru his stories when he was younger, and how he started became an artist and later an irreplaceable legendary

Like duh, do I need to explain more?
He doesn’t need an introduction after all!

His house is so small, with only 1 room for parents, kitchen, and living room. Toilet is outside the house (separate). I wonder how people back then used to sleep with no room of their own.

There's a saying 'You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough'
And I think you made it well, Tan Sri P. Ramlee.
You'll always be remembered. Al Fatihah.

PS: My favorite P. Ramlee’s movies of all time have to be Madu Tiga and Tiga Abdul!
What about you?


Not too far from P. Ramlee’s house, we went straight to Kek Lok Si Temple which I heard is the biggest Buddhist temple in Malaysia. I’m all about rationality, and I respect any religion. I used to see non-Muslim visiting mosque, so I figured why not if I visit their temple?

People there are very nice. They helped us finding place to park our car; one of them even said that I look like a teacher. That’s so kind of you, uncle! However I don’t see any Muslim/Malay tourists around there other than us.

Is it uncommon for Muslim/Malay tourists to visit temple?
I don’t know, so please let me know.

It's super big, and beautiful!

This 'COLORFUL' tree is said to make your wish come true. Just choose any wishes that you desire and hang on the tree (RM1 for each). I think it's pretty cool and lovely! I didn't put any wishes here but if I have to choose, that would have to be entering Jannah (paradise).

Could it be any better than this wish?


This is probably on top chart. Hello Hello, Bukit Bendera! At first we were afraid if there are many people since it was school holiday at time. Moreover, we reached there at 1pm (which is a peak time!). All praises to Allah, we didn’t have to queue that long, perhaps it took less than 15mins to get into cable car. I read somewhere in blog that it can take up to 45mins just for queuing.

Here’s photo of us. Enjoy!

My friends is prettier than your friends lulz 

These was the cable car back in the 50s, I believe. No aircond, made by wood and it took over 50mins to go up to the hill. And now it took only 5mins wow!

Gediknya pose -____-'


It was an interesting place if you love history and adventurous-minded (like me hahahah lulz). This place was at first built by the British, taken over by Japanese bla bla bla, abandoned over 60 years until bam! Penang War Museum was then introduced to the public.

I was walking up and down, crawling and climbing staircases and going inside tunnels. It was super dark (that I had to use some kind of light from my cellphone) and pretty scary at a point. Ika and Sya didn’t get to join as they were wearing skirts. Lucky me for being the only who wore pants! Luckily there were other tourist who’s joining me as well.

It was a great experience tho, minus the mosquito bites ewwh!

Entrance fee: RM20 per person.

You might want to think first before you decide to enter it.
But worth for your knowledge.

Motif pose macam ni? 

The not-so-scary soldier lulz ! :P

Trust me it was darker than this.

They say that this is the place where the victim was beheaded.
Gulp! Scary enough?

Thank you Malaysia, thank you Allah for this freedom.


Did you notice that we did not mention anything about lunch?

Yes, we didn't have our lunch haha.

We went ahead to Nasi Kandar Line Clear later at night and experiencing ourselves queuing for food. Luckily it doesn't take that long.  

I don't know if it is just me, but I don't like to eat rice with too much kuah on top of it. I'd rather to eat it separately, perhaps ambil kuah sikit-sikit daripada banjir macam ni

So that's pretty much it of our day2 at Penang. Tired, but lots of fun. Stay tuned for our day3 as we will share our experience at Escape! 


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