Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Salam guys. I'm back with new updates! :D

Well, not many knows about this but currently I'm doing an intersession. Err, didn't I tell? Okay, good now you know. 

I'm staying at my friend's house where there are only three of us. Me, Fida and Ummi. We're taking intersession together and basically we're together thru happy and hard time. I mean c'mon, how hard can it be for you to take intersession while most of your friends now staying happily at home, having sahur dan break fast every day with their family? Envy much, yes I do but then i have to stay positive and constantly reminding myself that Allah is the best planner. HE knows what's good for us. 

The intersession so far was A-OKAY. The number of students in class is quite a few, so i can concentrate more in class. Ohh the best part here is that me, Fida and Ummi decided to cook and not to buy anything at bazaar. Hahaha, nak jimat duit punya pasal. Hey, it works you see! We're only invested approximately RM6 each for a week. I guess that was save enough, don't you think? Yesterday we cooked nasi lemak for berbuka! That was our first attempt and alhamdulillah, it taste soooooo good! Like the real nasi lemak that you can buy at any kedai. Yum yum. Ohh thanks to Matluthfi! Hahaha, this may sound funny but after watched his latest's video, i feel like wanna have nasi lemak for berbuka and yes, we cooked our very own nasi lemak together. Hihi. Fida and Ummi admit that they do not know how to cook, but hey.. they actually can cook! It's just that they do not know their talent yet. Hihi :) 

Let me know if you wanna know the recipes. Hihi :)

Oh, so i just got back from Tarawikh. Yesterday we had tarawikh in UiTM Perak, normally the mosque known as Pusat Islam among students. It was amazed to see tons of students walking to mosque for prayer. You can really feel the sorority life here. The not-so-okay is when it was quite hot to perform solat in Pusat Islam. The air cond isn't working very well and we were sweating thru out our prayer. Nevertheless, it was very nice to pray together where most of the jamaah is the student themselves. It really reminds me of memories that i had when i was in UiTM Melaka. Oh i miss melaka already :'( 

PUSAT ISLAM, UiTM Seri Iskandar
Courtesy from GOOGLE.

The one of a kind experience that i had here is when i performed tarawikh in UTP/ Universiti Teknologi Petronas. For those of you who didn't know, UTP is just few KMs away from UiTM Perak. We're decided to go to UTP for tarawikh to feel how's like to pray there. And IT WAS AWESOME!

The imam pray 21 rakaat but most of jamaah just pray 8 rakaat. I can't see the imam but i believe he must be  foreigners. There are quite number of foreigners who had tarawikh together. And idk why, but somehow the environment reminds me of my umrah moment in 2008. Oh my, how i wish i can be in Makkah again. This ramadhan, i used to remember the environment, the experienced that i had when i was in Makkah. It's hard to explain in words. Will definitely go to UTP again to pray tarawikh there, insyaAllah :)

Here's the photos of the mosque in UTP that i get from Google. Believe me, it was stunningly beautiful!

Do i have to say more?

So that's basically an update so far. Til next time! 

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Surely a perfect piece of writing! We've book marked it and sent it out to all of my friends since I know they'll be intrigued, thank you very much!