Saturday, July 21, 2012


Hello all! Happy ramadhan. I know this may sound cliche, but let's hoping that this ramadhan will be alot better than last ramadhan okay? So what's your ramadhan resolution? 

I believe most of you are already set your target on what to achieve. As for me, I'm really hoping that this ramadhan I'll get closer to Al-Quran more. Since now its semester break, I suppose there's no excuses for me not to read the Quran. I've set 5 things to achieve this ramadhan:

  • Read Quran more
  • Guard my tongue
  • Handle what I eat (i tend to eat alot lately)
  • Save money
  • Read my abandoned books

This ramadhan, I guess it'll be harder for me to meet up with bff, Echa and Ieka since the three of us will be very busy. Both me and Ieka got intersession/short course while Echa is working as usual. Nevertheless, I hope we will find one date to have iftar together, and perform tarawikh like what we did last ramadhan.

Last iftar. Coincidentally, it was on Ieka's 21st birthday.
I'm gonna miss both you so much :'(

One thing I realized is that, as we grow older, it will be hard to have a girls day out with our best friend. Everybody got things to do. That's not it. What if someday the three of us got married then? Haha, gila jauh pemikiran aku but, you get the general idea. Oh my, how time flies. Somehow i tend to treat them like what i used to treat them when we were in high school. You know you will never get old when you're around with your best friend. 


Tak tahu knp aku rajin sgt malam ni, but this is for you Echa & Ieka :)
Hope you like it. Hihi.

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aizamia3 said...

selamat menyambut Ramadhan dan moga Ramadhan kali ni membawa lebih kegembiraan.. ;)