Friday, September 25, 2015

25 RANDOM FACTS ABOUT ME (not that people care lol)

Hello everyone!
Assalamualaikum WBT.

It's been 3.26am now and I am still super wide awake! Blaming myself for sleeping during evening tho T__T With that said I thought hey, why not if I blog for awhile. It doesn't take much effort, no?

Okay, let's get into it!

(Why 25? Simply because I'm 25 this year so yeah, 25 it is!)

  1. I don't wear tudung bawal since on my 3rd, or maybe 4th semester since in diploma years? Yeah, i don't have any in my closet now. I have always thought that I look weird wearing them now. I still remember that i tried to wear it out when I was in degree and one of my classmate said "you look like makcik with that bawal", some even came up to me and said "farha, omg is it really you?! i almost didn't recognize you! you look...erm.. (okay pause it right there)". Since then, i never have guts to wear bawal again. I don't know if i'm gonna wear it again. 
  2. I'm the type of person who would always go for KFC instead of McDonalds. My brother even once said to me that he cannot eat the chicken alone without any rice. Trust me, i won't get bored with KFC.
  3. I wear contact lens since I was 16. My dad was the one who suggested to me since I don't like wearing glasses to class (please know that glasses during that time was fugly and outdated). Now I don't mind wearing glasses outside of my house, especially if my eyes get so tired and itchy)
  4. I was a Diploma in Business Studies' student for one semester before I changed my course to Accountancy. That was probably one of the life-changing decision that I have made, and I don't regret it because I have always believe that there is a reason for everything :)
  5. I love watching makeup tutorial on Youtube, unfortunately I don't know to how apply 'em on my face hahaha. I love seeing ladies with full face of makeup, they look absolutely pretty! But I feel that it would be a hassle to remove my makeup especially when I wanna make a wudhuk. You know that feeling when you are working, and you are super busy yet you still  need to make your daily prayers, there is no way that I have time to remove my makeup and re-apply it again. Too much work (for me, PLEASE NOTE THAT). 
  6. I started to love eating vegetable only when I was 18. Haha it's better late than never right? I thank my uni-mates for 'assist' me on training myself to eat veggie. Furthermore, the price for veggie was way cheaper compared to chicken or beef. So being a student, you know you have to jimat so yeah, that's how it was started.
  7. I'm having a hard time replying whatsapp text either from everybody. One day i can be so rajin i can reply immediately, and one day i can be so lazy that i will only reply them after 2-3 days, or even a week, or even not at all! Sorry guys!
  8. I went for my umrah twice. 2008, and 2013. Alhamdulillah, I'm forever blessed. Hopefully someday i get to do my umrah again/or maybe hajj with my future hubs. Ops? 
  9. Believe it or not, my weight was never hit 50kg and above! Don't freak out, i'm only 156cm height so my BMI is normal tho. 
  10. Speaking of no. 9, most of my friends are taller than me so I used to be the shortest among my friends. Funny enough, i will wear wedges or heels everytime i hang out with my tall friends so that we look pretty similar in terms of height haha. 
  11. I have undergone few operations/surgeries when I was younger. One of them was appendix. 
  12. I never had any boyfriend when I was in school, simply because nobody was interested in me lol #foreveralone
  13. My so called first love when I was 21, but it didn't last. It took 3 years to feel okay again. Sigh.
  14. I love English (eventho I know that I'm not good at it, but hey I'm forever in the process of learning okay?). And I simply love people who can speak in English fluently, and it's a TURN ON for me wiwi ;)
  15. I used to have a crush on chinese guy when I was in school ahaks. :p
  16. I don't like sushi. FULL STOP. 
  17. Okay this may sound weird, but I would forever choose Japanese Drama rather than Korean Drama. I love the fact that J-drama has its own originality storyline and based on real stories. 
  18. Malay drama? Yucks never be a big fans of it. Especially on so called 'relationship goals' type of drama. 
  19. Watching movie in cinema is not my forte. I don't know why but I just don't like the idea of watching a movie that do not interest me. I think that movie that I watched was Pitch Perfect 2.
  20. I was a prefect during my school days. Oh i miss wearing that blue kurung to school! It was a good experience to me.
  21. I am neither a morning or night person. I love waking up late (not often), yet at the same time I will sleep pretty early as well. So I guess as a conclusion, I love to sleep! lol.
  22. I don't like taking selfies. If you have been following my instagram or facebook, you will realize that i didn't post selfie, unless there is one of two photos with my friends. I would rather asking people to take photo for me
  23. I consider myself not having many male friends. I used to be so shy and quiet with them, somehow I have always feel that they think that I'm a weirdo haha.
  24. I love Taylor Swift! Omg can we take a moment to say how gorgeous she is? I've been a big fans of her since I first listen to 'Teardrops on My Guitar' and that was the beginning of everything! 
  25. Unmarried, and blessed.

So okay that's about it folks!
I think I should atleast try to sleep now.
Dear self, please sleep as it's gonna a long day tomorrow.
Or should I say today since it's already 3am-ish?

Okay whatever.
Bye guys!

Monday, July 13, 2015

#IKAFARSYATRAVEL to Pulau Pinang, Malaysia #DAY 2 – (Roti Canai Jalan Argyll, P. Ramlee's House, Kek Lok Si Temple, Bukit Bendera, Penang War Museum, Nasi Kandar Line Clear)

Hello, Assalamualaikum!
I’ve been delaying this for a week now, so here's an update of Day 2!

We woke up pretty late on the 2nd day though, perhaps everybody was still lethargic so please mind us hehe. Our day should be started as early as 8am, but we went out around 10am instead hahaha!

Psst, don’t worry we didn’t skip our Subuh prayer okay? ;)
Prayer first.
Tapi lepas subuh terus tidur apa pun tak boleh lulz.


So we had our breakfast at Roti Canai Jalan Argyll to kick start our day. What is so special about their roti canai is the dal that comes together with chicken/beef curry of our choice. I’d suggest you to share instead because the serving is pretty big.

However, I'd have to say that their hygiene/cleanliness is pretty a thumbs-down. Perhaps this is due to many people are coming since early morning hence they do not have much time to clean it up. But still, the food is just nice. 


This is one of my favorite MUST-GO-TO in Penang. Either you are a big fan of P. Ramlee or not, I’d really recommend you to go here as this place tells you a lot about him. His songs were playing while there are many pictures of him hanging inside the house. I took the opportunity to go thru his stories when he was younger, and how he started became an artist and later an irreplaceable legendary

Like duh, do I need to explain more?
He doesn’t need an introduction after all!

His house is so small, with only 1 room for parents, kitchen, and living room. Toilet is outside the house (separate). I wonder how people back then used to sleep with no room of their own.

There's a saying 'You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough'
And I think you made it well, Tan Sri P. Ramlee.
You'll always be remembered. Al Fatihah.

PS: My favorite P. Ramlee’s movies of all time have to be Madu Tiga and Tiga Abdul!
What about you?


Not too far from P. Ramlee’s house, we went straight to Kek Lok Si Temple which I heard is the biggest Buddhist temple in Malaysia. I’m all about rationality, and I respect any religion. I used to see non-Muslim visiting mosque, so I figured why not if I visit their temple?

People there are very nice. They helped us finding place to park our car; one of them even said that I look like a teacher. That’s so kind of you, uncle! However I don’t see any Muslim/Malay tourists around there other than us.

Is it uncommon for Muslim/Malay tourists to visit temple?
I don’t know, so please let me know.

It's super big, and beautiful!

This 'COLORFUL' tree is said to make your wish come true. Just choose any wishes that you desire and hang on the tree (RM1 for each). I think it's pretty cool and lovely! I didn't put any wishes here but if I have to choose, that would have to be entering Jannah (paradise).

Could it be any better than this wish?


This is probably on top chart. Hello Hello, Bukit Bendera! At first we were afraid if there are many people since it was school holiday at time. Moreover, we reached there at 1pm (which is a peak time!). All praises to Allah, we didn’t have to queue that long, perhaps it took less than 15mins to get into cable car. I read somewhere in blog that it can take up to 45mins just for queuing.

Here’s photo of us. Enjoy!

My friends is prettier than your friends lulz 

These was the cable car back in the 50s, I believe. No aircond, made by wood and it took over 50mins to go up to the hill. And now it took only 5mins wow!

Gediknya pose -____-'


It was an interesting place if you love history and adventurous-minded (like me hahahah lulz). This place was at first built by the British, taken over by Japanese bla bla bla, abandoned over 60 years until bam! Penang War Museum was then introduced to the public.

I was walking up and down, crawling and climbing staircases and going inside tunnels. It was super dark (that I had to use some kind of light from my cellphone) and pretty scary at a point. Ika and Sya didn’t get to join as they were wearing skirts. Lucky me for being the only who wore pants! Luckily there were other tourist who’s joining me as well.

It was a great experience tho, minus the mosquito bites ewwh!

Entrance fee: RM20 per person.

You might want to think first before you decide to enter it.
But worth for your knowledge.

Motif pose macam ni? 

The not-so-scary soldier lulz ! :P

Trust me it was darker than this.

They say that this is the place where the victim was beheaded.
Gulp! Scary enough?

Thank you Malaysia, thank you Allah for this freedom.


Did you notice that we did not mention anything about lunch?

Yes, we didn't have our lunch haha.

We went ahead to Nasi Kandar Line Clear later at night and experiencing ourselves queuing for food. Luckily it doesn't take that long.  

I don't know if it is just me, but I don't like to eat rice with too much kuah on top of it. I'd rather to eat it separately, perhaps ambil kuah sikit-sikit daripada banjir macam ni

So that's pretty much it of our day2 at Penang. Tired, but lots of fun. Stay tuned for our day3 as we will share our experience at Escape! 


Friday, July 3, 2015

#IKAFARSYATRAVEL to Pulau Pinang, Malaysia #DAY 1 – (Restoren Kapitan, Penang Street Arts, Masjid Kapitan Keling, Padang Kota Lama)

                                     Hello everybody! Assalamualaikum :)

Whoa it took me over a year just to update a new entry, so without no further here I would like to tell you some of my stories on my trip to Penang with a best friend of mine, IKA and SYA.

So we've decided to choose Penang as our first trip together. Why? Well because apparently none of us exploring Penang yet hahaha! At first we were considering other destinations like Singapore and Pulau Perhentian, but we weren’t prepared much (like passport for Singapore and do we want to consider driving for 8hours++ to go to Pulau Perhentian? Hell no! Taking flight? Last minute and a bit costly)

So Penang it is!

We took 2days off (Friday and Monday) to have our 4days and 3nights holiday. If some of you be like ‘4 days? Lamanya!, wait until you see our itinerary. Memang tak cukup masa and there are some of the places we didn't go due to lack of time.

We went straight from Selayang to Penang around 7am-ish because we planned to reach there by 12pm. I had not enough sleep yesterday night due to last minute packing, hahaha! (but I still had to drive anyways). I drove until R&R Tapah and we stopped there to have our breakfast. Luckily Ika’s mother prepared for us nasi kunyit with rendang ayam. We just have to buy hot drinks only.

Save money lulz! Thank you auntie! Muah ciked :p

From R&R Tapah, it was finally Ika’s turn to drive. Phewwwww.
As for Sya, she teman the driver since she doesn't have license yet hehe.

That feeling when someone else driving your car and you sit at the back.
I took that opportunity to sleep, so Zzzzz

2 hours later, we were running out of fuel even before we reached Penang, and our conversations went like:

SYA: Far, berapa banyak awak isi minyak ni?
ME: Ermmm, RM50??
SYA: Laaa, RM50 je? Mana cukup ni Far.
IKA: Nak pergi Perak pun cukup2 je RM50 Far. Inikan pulak Penang.
ME: Errr hahaha *awkward laugh*

Please bear with me as that was my first time to Penang hahaha! But come to think of it, ada betul jugak kan? It took me RM50 to reach UiTM Perak when I was doing my degree there.

Let alone Penang!

Thankfully there’s nearby petrol station so we fill the tank.
Lesson learnt.

The moment that we have been waiting for, crossing JAMBATAN PULAU PINANG weehoo! We were so excited, as though rusa masuk kampung,  nomsain? Hahaha!

Photo taken while driving. Please don’t do this okay!

Alhamdulillah we have arrived Penang after 4-5hours of driving. Since it was 12pm-ish at that time, it’s time to have our next meal (lunch). 

Food is where the heart is.
Well, to me it is.


Famous with its nasi briyani, ayam tandoori, and naan cheese. We’ve tried their best selling NASI BRIYANI CLAYPOT. Definitely the best nasi briyani ever! And white sauce thing? Splendid! *two thumbs up*

Isn’t it tempting?
Total cost? Around RM15-20 for each person (with drink)

After having our lunch, we’ve decided to go straight to the hotel for check-in (plus everybody was so tired and muka pun selebet so we needed some freshen up).


Choosing hotel in Penang is not that difficult since there are many hotels available, from motel, guest house, 1 to 2 stars, and up to 5 stars as well. However, it was tricky for us since we want to ensure the security (since we are all ladies you know *cough) plus affordable and as for myself, I wanted a hotel that can provide free parking space for their guests (because apparently budget hotel don’t provide one, some hotels need to pay for parking like wth??). After few of considerations, we accepted Super8 Hotel at Lebuh Tye Sin with the price of RM444 for 4days 3nights. The room has 2 queen-sized bed, Ika and Sya were sharing the same bed, and me? I owned the other bed all by myself weeheee ;)

Not-so-backpackers hahaha!
I thank my Rara (my car's nickname) for the spacious bonnet hiks ;)

How our room looks like.
My bed was on the left side :)


View from outside

Here’s my review if you want to consider this hotel.
(Unpaid/honest review)

·          FREE parking space for guest
·         CCTV available (24 hour security)
·         Clean and spacious room + bathroom (towels provided)
·         TV available
·         Coffee and tea provided (plus mineral water as token of welcome)
·         Air Cond available (some hotels don’t have one so I guess this is one of a pro’s)
·         Thick and soft blanket
·         Oh yesss, WIFI available!! Like duhh. Everybody needs that.
·         Nearby to popular places i.e Street Arts, Masjid Kapitan etc. (5-10mins distance)

·         They don’t provide stuffs like shampoo, soap so do bring your own.
·         Some rooms don’t have a window (like ours), so it’s weird to us though.
·         Eventho coffee and tea provided, you have to get the hot water outside (next to the lift)
          No proper wardrobe (just few pengcangkuk baju thingy to hang your clothes, shawls etc) 

                                         Okay enough rambling. Moving on!


We went to Penang Street Arts later in the evening after done our jama' prayer and had enough rest. Since it’s kinda difficult to go there by car, we’ve rented a bicycle instead. It’s been sooooo long and I was somehow afraid if I don’t remember on how to ride a bicycle hahaha (glad that I still did!) We cycled around Penang Street by using maps given to us. Like, REAL GOOD OLD PAPER MAPS (not the GPS, waze y'know ahaks)

I don’t know why but for some reason, I found it funny to see us wandering around the street and we tend to get lost on our way. It’s like playing Treasure Hunt but this time it’s more like a “Finding Street Arts Hunt’. We didn’t go to all the street arts but we managed to take photos in some of popular and familiar ones.

 The three of us with our bicycle
Rent: RM8 per person (for whole day)

 We found that Ika is very good when it comes to map. See the map?
Most of the time, she was the one who found the street arts.
And I was like "Okay Ika, you lead the way"
Sebab nak malas cari hahaha.

Behind the scene hahaha!

The tallest shortest 

What else can we do other than asking someone to take photo for us?
This photo taken by these awesome dudes from Switzerland.
They're nice and friendly, and handsome too *cough*


Known as one of the oldest mosque in Malaysia, built in 1800s by Indian Muslims. We didn't get to pray there because we've done our prayer in a hotel. So we took photo instead.

Right next to Masjid Kapitan is Nasi Kandar Beratur, open everyday at 10pm but we weren't queuing cause we went to Padang Kota Lama to have our dinner.


Before we end our day1 at Penang, we had our dinner at Padang Kota Lama to try out their famous local food; Pasembor. I don't know why they call it 'Pasembor', so don't ask me hahaha! I think it's basically like Yong Tau Fu thing, but with their own signature sauce. My piece of advice is to eat accordingly. Don't order too much or else that would be a waste, since pasembor here is a bit pricey. Ours was like, almost RM30! 

We shared pasembor together, on top of that we ordered laici kang, cendol, mee udang and char kuey tiow.
Hamik kau selera tak hengat dunia!

It's nice to try out Pasembor for the first time, however I have to do say that would probably be my last time since I don't enjoy the sauce. I would rather eat it without the sauce, but this is just my personal opinion. Some may like it, unfortunately i'm not. It's not that bad after all :)

Oh yeah, don't be surprise when you see lots of beggars asking for money from table to table. Just firmly say NO, I believe they won't harm you since they are many people around. 

Okay that wraps up our #DAY1 at Penang! Wait for my next entry of #DAY2 which will be coming up soon, inshaaAllah:)